Best Netbanking App 2023

Best Netbanking App 2023 – We will tell you the complete details about it here. If you have an account with any bank and want to use the internet banking facility of that bank, then you must have knowledge about the official net banking app. Friends, the point to be noted here is that one should always use the official apps of the bank for net banking. With this you will not be a victim of any fraud.

Different banks have made their official app available for net banking. But due to lack of information, many account holders use a third party app instead of the official app. But friends, it is not safe to use any third party app. Here we have told which is the official net banking app provided by the bank. You must read it carefully once.

What is The Official Net banking App?

The official NetBanking app is the app released by the bank for its account holders. With the official app, you get more convenience and your banking operations are safer. Because the official net banking app works on the bank’s server. Due to this, no one else can track your transaction.

The official NetBanking app connects to your account with active Internet Banking. With this, whenever you login to the net banking app, then the entire data is synced with the official server of the bank. The bank’s server is highly secure, so that your online transactions are safe. That’s why always use the official net banking app of the bank.

Which is the app for net banking?

Different banks have made their official net banking app available. You can download it from Google Play Store. Here we have given the list of official net banking app of 20 banks. You can download the net banking app of the bank in which you have an account –

NoName of bankNet Banking App
1एक्सिस बैंकAxis Mobile
2बंधन बैंकmBandhan
3डीसीबी बैंकDCB Bank Mobile Banking
4फेडरल बैंकFederal Bank – FedMobile
5एचडीएफसी बैंकHDFC Bank MobileBanking App
6आईसीआईसीआई बैंकiMobile Pay by ICICI Bank
7इंडसइंड बैंकIndusMobile : Digital Banking
8आईडीएफसी बैंकIDFC FIRST Mobile Banking app
9कोटक महिंद्रा बैंकKotak-811,UPI,Payments & Loans
10आरबीएल बैंकRBL Bank MoBank Mobile Banking
11यस बैंकYES BANK
12आईडीबीआई बैंकIDBI Bank GO Mobile+
13बड़ौदा बैंकbob World
14बैंक ऑफ इंडियाBOI Mobile
15कैनरा बैंकCanara ai1- Mobile Banking App
16सेंट्रल बैंकCent Mobile
17पंजाब नेशनल बैंकPNB ONE
18एसबीआई बैंकYono Lite SBI – Mobile Banking
19यूको बैंकUCO mBanking Plus
20यूनियन बैंकVyom – Union Bank of India

What can you do with Net Banking App?

  • You can check your account balance.
  • Statement can be removed.
  • FD account can be opened.
  • You can open PPF account.
  • You can apply for ATM card.
  • Can block and unblock ATM cards.
  • Can apply for credit card.
  • Can block and unblock credit cards.
  • Can transfer money to anyone.
  • You can order check book.
  • Mobile, DTH recharge can be done.
  • Can pay bills.


The complete information about which app is for net banking is explained here step by step in a very simple way. Now any bank account holder will be able to use internet banking facility by downloading the official net banking app of his bank. If your bank’s net banking app is not found here, then you can tell us in the comment box below. We will reply you very soon.

The information on Official Net Banking App is very useful for all account holders. That’s why share this information with them in the WhatsApp group. On this website, we provide complete information about simple and secure banking. If you want to get new information like this first, then search in Google search box – Thank you!

Questions related to Net Banking App (FAQ)

Can I do net banking in mobile?

Yes, you can do net banking in mobile. For this, banks have made available the official mobile banking app. You can download it from play store and use net banking facility. But keep in mind that use only the official app provided by the bank.

What is the advantage of net banking?

With net banking, you can check your bank balance sitting at home. Can transfer money to anyone. You can apply for ATM Card Debit Card online. You can order check book. Recharge and bill payment. FD and PPF account can be opened. Apart from this, there are other advantages of net banking.

Is mobile banking free?

Yes, Mobile Banking is free. Banks provide internet banking and mobile banking facilities to their account holders for doing banking work from home. Due to this there is no unnecessary crowd in the bank branch. Due to which the banking process becomes even easier.

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